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Bowtie Coupon Code $2,000 Bowtie Cash on Every Plans

  • - $2,000 BowtieCash

$2000 Off on Bowtie Accident Insurance Touchwood Protector with Bowite Promotion code

  • - You will receive: Insurance on Minor Accidents such as Clinic (Cleanse wound, stitches), physiotherapy, Chinese bone-setting, and chiropractic
  • - Insurance on Major Accidents MRI scans, hospitalisation, and surgeries. Bowtie covers medical expenses up to HK $420,000 annually
  • - Insurance on 700+ occupations such as Including sports coaches, disciplined services, and drivers



Latest Bowtie Promo Codes

Promo Code Description Discount Code Type Expiry Date
Bowtie Coupon Code $2,000 Bowtie Cash on Every Plans 0% Off 07 October 2022
$2000 Off on Bowtie Accident Insurance Touchwood Protector with Bowite Promotion code 0% Off 07 October 2022
Get cancer treatment protection for only $2 a day with Bowtie Hk Promotion Code 0% Off 07 October 2022
Get $1,000,000 protection for every 3 years with Bowtie Cancer Plan 0% Off 07 October 2022
Get $1 million insured with a Monthly premium of only $24 with Bowtie promotion code 0% Off 07 October 2022

Previous offers at Bowtie

Apply Bowtie VHIS Insurance Get Half Price For Visit Clinic Doctor + Extra $3000 BowtieCash

Purchase First Bowtie VHIS Insurance to get 5 Months Free Premium

Get 3 Months Premium Discount when you use this Bowtie Critical Illness Insurance Coupon

Get Hk$3000 BowtieCash on every purchase of Bowtie VHIS Insurance

Apply for Bowtie Touchwood Protector Insurance and get 2 Months Premium Discount with Bowtie Coupon

Best Shopping with Bowtie Promo Codes and Discounts

Bowtie HK is a virtual insurance providing company providing the service to thousands of customers around Hong Kong. The company stands under the authorization of CIRA, also known as China's insurance regulatory authority. 


The most amazing thing about Bowtie HK is that it was the first virtual insurance company introduced in the HK. With perfect medical expertise and innovative technology, you can get the claimed services and other various options without thinking about the place or time.
The main reason for starting a digital insurance company is to help you meet many customers in their life. They are always optimistic about bringing changes, simplifying insurance, and revolutionizing the traditional sales method to help out every family living in HK and its surroundings.
Finally, With Bowtie HK, Real protection is not out of reach for anyone. That's the motto of this company for anyone.

Bowtie HK Discount codes or coupons can easily be available for you by considering various platforms affiliated with the official website. Apart from that, you can also get to know about the discount offers or coupon codes by typing the search term "Bowtie HK Coupon codes" on Google. You will have various options to select and copy that code. 
After copying the code, you can now paste it on the bowtie HK online platform's checkout section. 

The website of Bowtie HK is designed by considering effortless approaches. Therefore, it will never become a hard thing for you to juggle between the options. First of all, you would need to open their website and go down to the home page's bottom.
There, you will see various links and options that are clickable. Every link is available to provide you with some great information. So, you can easily make the shopping process useful for yourself. 



The customer support of Bowtie HK is outstanding; therefore, you can quickly get a solution anytime you will get stuck at any point on the website. They have a live chat option, along with a number where you can call to talk with the customer support representative. Apart from that, you can also email them and quickly get the answers within two working days.

The first thing you need to understand that before getting any insurance, it's essential for you to log in on their official platform. Without registering to their accounts, you will never get to use their services at any point.
After creating the account, make sure to subscribe to their newsletter. Why? Because it provides you with significant updates and alerts regarding the discount or coupon codes available for any insurance type.
Apart from that, you can get the coupon codes for various insurance policies on different affiliated websites working on their services. Copy the coupon codes and paste them on the checkout pages to get a considerable amount of discounts for yourself.
Apart from that, they also offer you a section of "promoting event." Make sure to visit this menu and get all the offers or discounts related to every insurance policy they offer.